About Iranian Lawyers Office

We would like to introduce ourselves as a law office in Iran providing our clients with professional legal services of the highest caliber, combining technical excellence with commercial awareness and a practical, constructive approach to your legal issues.

We are a team of experienced and talented lawyers graduated from the most prestigious and distinguished universities in Iran.

Iranian lawyers office capabilities extend across the commercial law, contracts, with particular expertise in trade regulation law, joint venture projects, local and international partnerships and agency agreements. The office also advises on activities related to oil and gas, free Trade zone, branch office, investment regulations, and the registration branch office and companies, intellectual property rights in Iran and other related fields.

We also have very skilled associates in litigation and defending the civil and penal cases in before Iranian courts.We deliver results, not theoretical analysis that leaves you wondering what to do.

Our lawyers know how to manage legal expenses. We don’t subscribe to the uncontrollable, stopwatch billing model favoured by most law offices. Whenever possible, we offer affordable fee for our services so you can properly plan and budget for our services.

In your request we can also nominate an attorney to work exclusively for a client under the supervision of our law office.

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