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Quantifying the economic harm is a critical component of a high-stakes legal dispute. Baker Tilly helps parties address that question—bringing credibility that carries weight with courts, opposing counsel, and third parties alike.

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Baker Tilly forensic accounting specialists can analyze economic loss issues and clearly present damage findings in an expert report and testimony under oath. Clients count on us for a clear and accurate financial picture that withstands the toughest scrutiny. When lawyers need investigative accounting to uncover the financial facts central to a case, they rely on our team.

We have provided expert testimony regarding damages in hundreds of complex commercial disputes. By virtue of our experience, we have intimate familiarity with the legal process in state and federal courts, as well as jurisdictions around the world.

Baker Tilly has worked with law firms and general counsel for more than 30 years, so we understand how cases and transactions work with tight deadlines that are often court-imposed. The analysis must be delivered efficiently and effectively, without sacrificing integrity. Most importantly, we understand the role forensic accounting reports play in a case. As essential members of your team, our financial experts are well-equipped to uncover financial facts critical to any matter.

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