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Business, Funding and Viability plans

The returns of the company and its financial situation must be reported at all times in order to benefit from an analysis of its historical development and the factors that have conditioned this.

Nonetheless, in itself this exercise is insufficient. This knowledge should lay the foundations for projecting the future and envisaging what financial opportunities or difficulties may arise in the short-, mid- and long-term to act duly in advance.

A financial/economic plan is an essential tool in anticipating the effect that various measures of action envisaged may have and optimising their impact on the company’s balance sheet and income statement, in other words, profitability and financial balance.

The above is especially important in specific situations such as:

  • Company and project valuation of Iranian investment opportunities.
  • Assessment of the impact of reconversion measures in critical circumstances where the viability of the company is sought.
  • Justification of a petition for funding from foreign institutions or new partners.
  • Analysis of new business opportunities.
  • Situations in which we need to provide trust concerning the development of the company for third parties.

How we can help you

  • Providing support in order to compile, prepare and compare information to argue and justify all hypotheses that must be considered in financial forecasts.
  • Preparing the financial-economic model setting out the effect of the measures envisaged in order to ensure the viability of the company.
  • Preparing a comprehensive business plan that describes and analyses the economic interest of a new project.
  • Estimating several scenarios and sensitivity in the face of changes in starting hypotheses to anticipate and foresee the measures to be adopted according to the various possible developments.
  • Preparing the report or document needed according to its intended use (banking funding, sale of capital or entry of new partners, expert reports, etc.)

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