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Labour & Employment

For today’s employers, managing a global workforce requires complying with local labor and employment laws in multiple jurisdictions, staying abreast of rapidly changing regulations, handling the growing demands of labor unions and works councils, and moving talent quickly across borders. It also means developing strategies to retain high-potential employees, especially during reorganizations and spinoffs. To achieve these objectives, it’s essential for employers to stay up-to-date on the latest employment trends in areas such as workforce restructuring, reward programs, and labor and human rights.

National and local governments have placed enormous burdens on business with overlapping and often confusing labor and employment laws. We provide representation of the highest quality and greatest integrity on terms that make good business sense to our clients.

With our combined litigation and substantive experience, we have expertise handling the full range of employment cases, from single-plaintiff cases to complex, “bet the company” class actions. We have litigated extensively before administrative agencies, arbitrators and state and federal courts, up to and including the Iranian Supreme Court. Our clients have regularly called on us to handle difficult and complicated legal issues on appeal in situations where they cannot afford to gamble. Our willingness to  take matters through trial and beyond has  earned us the credibility to help resolve disputes on favorable terms even before formal litigation begins. We also devote a significant part of our practice to traditional labor matters.

We  provide guidance on employment issues in merger, acquisition, divestiture and similar transactions. In that capacity, we perform due diligence services in drafting and negotiation of definitive agreements. When needed, we provide creative advice on restructuring transactions to minimize previously unappreciated employment law risks.

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