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Other services

We provide clients with business consulting services to ensure their success in the Iranian market. Our educated team from the top universities of Canada can help you secure your investment in Iran. You can rely on our office in providing quality reports and advice for various business aspects of your operation in Iran.

Acquiring reliable market intelligence and determining your ideal partner profile are key factors in the success of your international market expansion.

Due Diligence

Iranian Lawyers Office can help foreign investors gather the necessary information and meet  the legal requirements to establish their business in Iran with more confidence.

Financial Auditing

The experienced team of accountants working closely with the Iranian Lawyers  Office can assure foreign investors of the credibility of financial statements produced by companies inside of Iran.

Foreign & Domestic Investors Strategic Joint Partnership Consulting

We focus disproportionately on ensuring that alliances are structured correctly from the outset, with a very clear, shared vision and a solid understanding of mutual economics.

Contract Negotiations & Conflict Resolutions

Iranian Lawyers Office meet separately with each party to gather data required to resolve conflicts.  We prepare a side-by-side view and facilitate join sessions to share perspectives, identify common grounds and explore differences. Our main goal is to negotiate better terms for our client’s contracts and reduce their investment risks.

Business Plan Development & Financial Reports

A business plan is an essential roadmap for any business success. Our experienced team can develop/adjust your business plan for the Iranian Market and provide in-depth insight of any markets. We can provide financial and research reports for management teams to evaluate their position in the Iranian market. We can also offer additional services to our clients:

  • Market Research & Industry Analysis
  • Economic Feasibility Study
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Plan

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