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In the ever-changing economic environment, tax regimes similarly evolve. Today, governmental efforts to increase or maintain tax revenue levels pose new and difficult challenges for tax planning and dispute resolution.

Globalization also creates complex tax issues requiring companies to deepen their knowledge of national tax laws and treaties. Given our global tax presence, clients seek our advice on reaching their business goals in light of the multiplicity of national tax laws and the cross-border nature of today’s tax issues.

Tax efficiency, risk reduction, avoidance of tax controversy, and the successful resolution of an unavoidable dispute are goals that can best be met where the tax team possesses strong national and cross-border experience. We effectively and efficiently partner with our clients to meet these goals.

Whether the tax issues are focused on a single country or cross-border, involve planning for tax efficiency or require resolution of a civil or criminal tax controversy or investigation, our team can provide appropriate solutions. We understand the business and legal intricacies of international taxation. Our team is recognized for its forward-thinking approach on tax matters as well as precedent-setting firsts in the tax field globally in terms of tax planning, transfer pricing, tax controversy, post-acquisition integration, investigative matters, and tax legislative initiatives.

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