International Trade

Global commerce and government regulation have a dynamic impact on companies involved in the international trade of goods and services. Whether through the revision of national laws and regulations, or the negotiation of international trade agreements, increased and changing regulation can lead to increased complexity in dealing with new rules and procedures. Our International Trade group helps clients navigate the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with this increasingly complex web of regulation.

Iranian Lawyers Office International Trade practice revolves around our role as trusted advisors to our clients because of our deep understanding of the intersection of law, business, and policy. We add value to our relationships through the efficiency of experience, expertise, and concise advice.

Our team handles the full range of international and national legal issues encompassing international trade regulation and disputes and our clients include Iranian and international corporations, governments, international organizations, trade associations, nongovernmental organizations, and individuals in virtually all aspects of international trading activity. Our international trade team is backed by the full resources of our firm, including attorneys with extensive experience in policy matters, a number of whom have served in senior leadership positions in government.

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